Rwanda Community in Germany: A week-long cultural and educational journey in Rwanda with a lasting impact!

Story by Annonciata Mukamurenzi-Haberer & Providence Tuyisabe

For the eighth consecutive year, from 28 July – 04 August 2018, the association “Ruandische Diaspora in Deutschland e.V.” organizes a culture, education and leisure week for Rwandan children and youth, this time in Rwanda and not in Germany as it has been the case.The targeted group  are Rwandan children and adolescents living in Germany, whose parents (at least one of them) come from Rwanda.  Most children were born in Germany and do not know Rwanda, its language and culture. It is therefore understandable when parents and children feel the need to learn more about the Rwandan culture, history and socio-economic situation, first hand.This week-long  activity has been time and again supported by the embassy of Rwanda in Berlin especially from Ambassador H.E. Igor Cesar, who knows exactly the problem encountered by such community, himself having born and been lived in the Diaspora.

In 2016, The Rwandan Embassy in Berlin founded the “Berlin School of Kinyarwanda and culture” with a section in Bonn since 2017. A worthwhile initiative for Rwandan children living in Germany.

While the Rwandan Youth Camps in Germany made it possible to learn a lot about Rwanda and its culture,  most children have not yet been in the country. For that reason, the next logical step was to visit Rwanda, to experience the Rwandan culture, fauna and flora first hand.

During this week-long journey in Rwanda, children and parents had the opportunity to take part in many activities including visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, the Campaign Against Genocide Museum and the Kandt House Museum of natural History. The Youth was amazed by the Ethnographic Museum in Huye and the King´s Palace Museum-Rukari in Nyanza.

Both Museums gave an insight into the culture, and the past way of living in Rwanda.


The group travelled in the North in Musanze district where they visited the secondary school RUHEHE  and a tailor cooperative,  both financed by the Rwandan Diaspora in Germany. The Group had an opportunity to assist at a history lecture in the class and communicate with students and teachers.
In Rubavu District, the group visited the “ Rubavu Technical College TVET-RTC” (, initiated and supported by a Rwandan-German Organization ” Friends of Rwanda e.V.”.



The group traveled also to the Southwest and visited the Nyungwe Forest and the Canopy Walk

The Nyungwe fauna and flora is uniquely rich.



The group was lucky to assist at the opening of the 2018 FESPAD (Pan-African Dance Festival) at Amahoro National Stadium on the 29.7 in Kigali and at his closure ceremony in Nyanza on the 2.8.2018. This ceremony was followed with “NYANZA Twataramye”.

The UMUGANURA Celebration in Nyanza on the 3.8 2018 was absolutely the highlight of the Rwandan Cultural Event.

This journey was about much more than enjoying the beauty of the nature and partaking in leisure activities.  The purpose of the trip was for the children to learn about the culture, the youth in Rwanda and the current social and political situation. Who could explain the country and its political situation better than the Rwandan Ambassador to Germany H.E. Igor Cesar himself? He and his wife Madame Jeanne Ndatirwa took time to accompany and support the group.

The meetings with the Minister of Sports and Culture Julienne Uwacu and the Minister of Youth Rosemary Mbabazi presented a profound impression of the situation of today’s youth in Rwanda and its future. With 70 percent of its population being under the age of 31, Rwanda is a country that has recognized the importance of investing into the youth, a valuable investment into a better future.

Massive thanks to the honorable Ministers Rosemary Mbabazi and Julienne Uwacu; Mrs Belize Kariza, Chief Tourism Officer RDB and Amb. Robert Masozera, Director General of the Institute of the National Museum of Rwanda for having supported our successful journey in Rwanda.


About the Rwanda Community in Germany:

The organization “Rwanda Diaspora in Germany e.V.” is a non-profit, independent and Interdenominational community, which is registered in Cologne since 2002 under the registration number VR 14554.

The Organization focuses on helping Rwandan young people, primarily in rural areas, accessing high-quality, competence/market-oriented vocational education and skilled employment opportunities, hence impacting their employability and future perspectives.

So far, the association has planned and successfully implemented projects both in Germany and in Rwanda and continue to do its best in this regard. With a total funding of around Rwf 800 million in the last 10 years, the Rwanda Community in Germany and its Supporters are among the most successful RCAs Communities actively involved in impact investment in Rwanda, mainly in basic education, training and skills development for a better employability of the targeted groups.For more information about the RCA Germany, please visit its homepage: