KINIGI – RWANDA: KWITA IZINA CEREMONY (Naming Ceremony for newborn mountain gorillas )

Friday, September 2nd, 2016
Posted by: Providence Tuyisabe



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13Isaro@Isabukuru_DSC_3209 (Custom)Given name: Kura (Grow)


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KWITA IZINA Background

Naming a newly born baby has been part of Rwandan culture and tradition for centuries. Given the remarkable efforts by the Government of Rwanda, through the Rwanda Development Board, an in collaboration with various conservation partners and local communities, to actively protect the Mountain Gorillas and their habitat, the old naming century’s tradition was modelled on these species to get the national brand known as “KWITA IZINA“.

Names attributed to the gorillas play a significant role in the on-going programme of monitoring each individual gorilla in their families and habitat. Kwita Izina, a uniquely Rwandan event, was introduced in 2005 with the aim of creating awareness of conservation efforts for the endangered mountain gorilla.

For three decades prior to the first official gorilla naming ceremony, the naming of baby gorillas was carried out with little awareness amidst the public by the rangers and researchers that closely monitor these unique animals on a daily basis.

Kwita Izina has been attended by thousands of international, regional and local participants over the recent years. The Government of Rwanda and conservation partners have donated substantial resources to gorilla conservation and continue to do so. Each year new born gorilla babies are celebrated in an exciting event at the foothills of the Virunga Mountains .

Tourism that focuses on natural environments is a large and growing part of the tourism industry in Rwanda. While it can contribute in a positive manner to soci o-economic development and environmental protection, uncontrolled tourism growth can also cause environmental degradation, destruction of fragile ecosystems, and social and cultural conflict, undermining the basis of tourism. Therefore, considering that natural forests constitute 8.7% of the national territory, conservation continues to play a crucial role in the country’s development.

01KAMPANGA' baby@Sabyinyo group (Custom)

Given name: Icyemezo (Decision)
Date of Birth: 26 June2015 
Mother: Kampanga
Family Group:Sabyinyo 
: Mr. Frank Matsaert

02Mukecuru's baby@Pablo group (Custom)

Given name: Inshungu (Replacement)
Date of Birth: 8 July 2015 
Mother: Pasika 
Family Group: Giraneza 
: Sir. David Attenborough

03Ruhuka's baby@ISIMBI group (Custom)

Given name: Hobe (A formal Rwandan greeting)
Date of Birth: 12 July 2015 
Mother: Ruhuka
Family Group:Isimbi 
: Mr. Mark Rose

04Taraja's baby@Mafunzo group (Custom)

Given name: Ishimwe (Be Happy)
Date of Birth: 16 July 2015 
Mother: Taraja
Family Group:Mafunzo 
: Mr. Jean Marie Muyango

05Akamaro's baby@Isabukuru group (Custom)

Given name: Umuhuza (Someone Uniting People)
Date of Birth: 4 August 2015 
Mother: Akamaro
Family Group:Isabukuru 
: Ms. Sheila Ashong

06MARARO's baby@Hirwa group (Custom)

Given name: Igikombe (Award / Cup)
Date of Birth: 8 August 2016 
Mother: Mararo
Family Group:Hirwa 
: Mr. Leonard Harerimana

07Bikereri's baby@IGISHA group (Custom)

Given name: Ingemwe (Seeds)
Date of Birth: 11 August 2015 
Mother: Bikeri
Family Group:Igisha 
: Mr. Peter Fearnhead

08DUFATANYE's baby@KARISIMBI_group (Custom)

Given name: Ndizihiwe (I am Happy)
Date of Birth: 23 August 2015 
Mother: Dufatanye
Family Group:Karisimbi 
: Dr. Paul Scholte

09Nzeli's baby@Mafunzo group (Custom)

Given name: Ukwiyunga (To Unite)
Date of Birth: 15 September 2015 
Mother: Nzeri
Family Group:Mafunzo 
: Urban Boys

10IZIHIRWA's baby@Musilikale group (Custom)

Given name: Umwiza (the Beautiful One)
Date of Birth: 18 October 2015 
Mother: Izihirwa
Family Group:Musilikare 
: Ms. Donatha Niyonkuru

11NCHILI's baby@KWITONDA group (Custom)

Given name: Ntamupaka (No Borders)
Date of Birth: 30 October 2015 
Mother: Nchili
Family Group:Kwitonda 
: Mary Ann McDonald

12RWUNGUKO's baby@KWITONDA group (Custom)

Given name: Referendum (Born on Referendum Day)
Date of Birth: 18 December 2015 
Family Group:Kwitonda 
: Mr. Jean Claude Musabyimana

13Isaro@Isabukuru_DSC_3209 (Custom)

Given name: Kura (Grow)
Date of Birth: 18 January 2016
Mother: Isaro
Family Group:Isabukuru 
: Ms. Sheja Audrey Divine

15OKAPI's baby@KWITONDA group (Custom)

Given name: Ifatizo (The Foundation)
Date of Birth: 21 January 2016
Mother: Okapi
Family Group:Kwitonda 
: Amb. Michael Ryan

16IZURU's baby@Iyambere group (Custom)

Given name: Ndumunyarwanda (I’m Rwandan)
Date of Birth: 14 February 2016
Mother: Izuru
Family Group:Iyambere 
: Mr. Cyizere Rukundo Fidence

17SULUBIKA's baby@KWITONDA group (Custom)

Given name: Ireme (A perfect thing or things of high quality)
Date of Birth: 16 February 2016
Mother: Surubika
Family Group:Kwitonda 
: Mr. Jaques Rusirare

18GUKINA's baby@Sabyinyo group (Custom)

Given name: Umuhate (Bravery)
Date of Birth: 14 March 2016
Mother: Gukina
Family Group:Sabyinyo 
: Dr. Timothy Tear

19Pasika@Giraneza_DSC_2030 (Custom)

Given name: Mashami (Palm Sunday)
Date of Birth: 16 March 2016
Mother: Pasika
Family Group:Giraneza 
: Mr. Elisha Ntirakirwa

20Kurinda's baby@Giraneza group (Custom)

Given name: Nyampinga (The most beautiful girl)
Date of Birth: 10 April 2016
Mother: Kurinda
Family Group:Giraneza 
: Mr. Keith Vincent

21IMPAMO's baby@IGISHA group (Custom)

Date of Birth: 3 May 2016
Family Group:Igisha

22NYIRAMUREMA's baby@KWITONDA group (Custom)

Date of Birth: 12 May 2016
Family Group:Kwitonda

28731412210_30cf6378c6_k (Custom)

Date of Birth: 28 May 2016
Mother: Nezerwa
Family Group: Amahoro